FMA provides clients with several outsourced financial solutions to assist companies with saving time so they can be productive generating more revenue.    

  • Function as a pro-active business advisor to senior management.
  • Participate in and/or facilitate management and board meetings.
  • We work closely with collaborating with existing client advisors CPA firm, attorneys, bankers, and other professionals. 
  • Strategic Planning and implementation of the Budgeting process.
  • Assist the executive team with projects or tasks allowing them to spend more time running the business.
  • Take on confidential and special projects.
  • Thorough review of banking relationships, compensation and commission plans, product pricing and cost structure, cash flow management, general and medical insurance, operational and accounting software, streamline operations, improve efficiencies, work with senior management team, human resource function. 
  • Manage the Due diligence process for acquisitions or divestures. 
  • Prepare comprehensive business plans and facilitate initiatives to create growth and profit.
  • Financial modeling of scenarios to evaluated key business decisions and strategies.
  • Develop reports that will monitor key financial metrics that drive the business.
  • Analyze customer profitability by evaluating the costs associated with providing the customer with goods and services.   

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