First Midwest Advisors services are designed to assist companies with cash flow problems, lender or investor fatigue, preserve capital, balance sheet leverage, and consecutive year end losses.  

FMA can provide the following assistance:  

  • Serve as key advisor to company management.
  • Diagnose the origin of operational and financial problems.
  • Develop solutions and strategy for turnaround plan.
  • Create business viability report including 13-week cash flow projection.
  • Establish creditability with the Company’s lenders and investors.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Negotiate with lenders, vendors, and other creditors to modify existing payment terms to improve cash flow.
  • Downsize organization to align overhead to revenue.
  • Identify assets and divisions that can be sold to raise cash. 
  • Reduce expenses by assessing facilities, personnel utilization, and company policies on expenses. 
  • Improve working capital through monitoring of cash inflow and outflows.

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